• How To Do A Good Job Of Tower Crane Fixing Angle?

    How To Do A Good Job Of Tower Crane Fixing Angle?

    The stability of Tower Crane Fixing Angle is very important. In fact, there are not a few collapse accidents caused by hidden dangers of tower crane fixing angle. According to the experience analysis of many rental and installation companies on the use of tower cranes, there are mainly three type...
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  • Which Tower Cranes Spare Parts Need To Be Inspected Often?

    Which Tower Cranes Spare Parts Need To Be Inspected Often?

    Tower Crane is a kind of construction lifting machinery that can realize the overall transport of heavy objects. Generally the height of operation is tens to hundreds of meters, and the radius can reach tens of meters.Now the number of tower cr...
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  • The Type of Construction tower cranes

    Tower Crane is mainly used for vertical and horizontal transportation of materials and installation of building components in building construction.Large working space, large load, reduce labor intensity, improve construction efficiency, shorten the construction period. ...
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  • The Installation Requirements of Tower Crane Anchorage Frame Device

    1, because the Tower Crane tie-bar can only bearing tensile, compression, and can not be bent, so generally the length adjusted to 200mm. 2. The Tower Crane Anchorage Frame is installed in the middle of the tower body with a horizontal belly rod, and the upper and lower ...
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  • How to prevent tower crane hook falling?

    There are generally three reasons for tower crane hook fall: gearbox failure, wire rope fracture and brake failure. the fall caused by gearbox failure accounted for most, so it is the main control point;Due to the Wire rope fracture and brake failure cause less hook fall. Reasons for gearbox fail...
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  • Installation Of Tower Crane Anti-Collision System

    Installation Of Tower Crane Anti-Collision System 1)Installation of angle sensor for luffing tower crane Luffing tower crane use angle sensor for collecting angle information,see figure5-1 for installation of angle sensor. Keep the angle sensor installed at right proper ...
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  • Construction Hoist Installation

    The installation position of the Construction Hoist depends on the site conditions and equipment conditions, and should be as far away from the overhead line as possible and keep in the prescribed safe distance.There are many risks associated with the operation of Constr...
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  • Safety Divice Of Tower Crane

    In order to ensure the safety and normal use of the Tower Crane, we must comply with the safety devices of the installation regulations, Safety divice mainly include: lifting torque limiter, lifting weight limiter, height limit device, amplitude limiter,slewing limiter,...
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  • Construction Tower Crane Selection

    The layout of the Tower Crane should comprehensively consider the lifting position and installation position of large building components to obtain the best utilization rate. Meet the requirements of tower crane coverage and supply: 1). The rotation radius of the tower...
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  • Tower Crane Mast Section Colored As Client Demand

    Finally Tower Crane Mast Section and Tower Crane Anchorage Frame have been finished successfully through 20 days production cycle. Customers are strict with quality detail of the production process, special raw materials,welding, welding holes and painting,and inspection...
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  • The Precautions of replacing tower crane mast section

    When replace the Tower Crane Mast Section, it must be operated by professional staff and tower crane must be shut down. When shut down,unload loaded,and delineate a safe area on the ground. No people are allowed to enter. The tower crane must be inspected before and aft...
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  • Tower Crane Mast Section Jacking And The Requirement Of Bolts’ Direction

    Telescoping and jacking of tower crane mast section is an important work in working of tower crane mast section, and it is also a stage where accidents happen frequently. Make full preparations for tower crane jacking and section, and master the construction The precauti...
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