Daily maintenance range of construction passenger hoist

1) Check the upper and lower limit switches and limit bumpers to ensure reliability and effectiveness.
2) Carry out the following experiments one by one, and the cage cannot be started each time.
3) Open the guardrail door.
4) Open the cage with single door and double door.
5) Open the cage trap door.
6) Touch the loose rope protection switch.
7) Touch the limit switch for preventing roof fall.
8) Click the emergency stop button.
9)Turn off the electric lock.
10)Check that the cage and counterweight passage should be barrier-free.

Maintenance range after working

1)Eliminate the faults found in the operation.
2)Remove the dust and oil from the machine body and the transmission mechanism.
3)Do a good job in the sanitation of the operation room, and record the operation and maintenance records.
4)Cut off the power and lock the doors and windows.