ZTL5522 14Ton Construction Crane

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ZTM Brand Topless Tower Crane 6/8/10/12/16/18/20/26/30/40Ton

ZTM supply the latest innovative design for the new generation tower crane: Mast section interchangeable globally to saving inventory cost for clients, VR technology for remote control, intelligent control system include Anti over shooting, Anti hook slipping, Anti shaking, Anti snagging when hoist, Anti trolley slipping etc.

  • Max lifting capacity : 14Ton
  • Tip load:: 2.2Ton
  • Jib length: 55M
  • Mast section : L68
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    we supply best performance Topless/hammerhead/luffing tower crane 6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20/26/30/40Ton

    ZTM Tower Crane Intelligent Mechanism.

    High-performance hoisting winch long-term heavy-load and stable operation,

    increasing the lifting efficiency by 10-20% with load and speed.

    High-speed luffing winch with load and speed,fast response, work efficiency increased by 20%.

    slewing mechanism-slewing runs smoothly,without fear of wind interference, intelligently controlled 0-50Hz acceleration time 8s.

    Users can choose SEW and FLENDER as upgrade configurations, which are used in hoisting and luffing winch

    ZTM Tower Crane: 
    ZTL5522 is the main type of ZTM intelligent tower crane.

    It has a max load of 14t, a tip load of 2.2t, a jib radius of 55m,and an independent height of 45m.

    The standard mast section can be equipped with L68 spliced mast section 2 * 2 * 3m

    ZTM topless tower crane series:

    Model Max. load(t) Max.Jib-end Load(t) Max. Jib(m) Free standing height(m) Mast section size
    ZTT136 6 1.3 60 40.5/45/46 ZG16/L46A1/ZG18
    ZTT146 8 1.5 60 40.5/45 ZG16/L46A1
    ZTT156 6/8 1.3 65 45/46/60 L46A1/ZG18/L68A1
    ZTT156A 8/10 1.7 60 51/60 ZG18/L68A1
    ZTT186 8/10 1.7 65 43.2/46.5/60 ZG18/L46A1/L68
    ZTT226B 10 1.5 70 60 L68A1.L68B1.L68B2
    ZTT256 10/12 2.3 70 6O/66 L68B1、L68B3/L69B3
    ZTT296 12/16 2.2 75 60 L68B1、L68B3
    ZTT296B 16 2.5 75 60 L68B1、L68B3
    ZTT296C 12/16 3.1 70 60 L68B1.L68B3
    ZTT336 16/18/20 2.7 75 60 L69B3
    ZTT336B 16/18 2.7 75 53 L68B1.L68B3
    ZTT366 16/18/20 3 75 60 L69B3
    ZTT396 16/18/20 3.5 75 60 L69B3
    ZTT466 20/26 3.3 80 78.5/79.6 ZL25/ZH205.ZH206
    ZTT466B 18/20/26 5.5 70 78.5/79.6 ZL25/ZH205.ZH206
    ZTT616 26/32 4.1 80 84.2/85.6 ZL25/ZH205/ZH206

    ZTM Tower Crane Cabin feature:

    Our driving cabin is 3proof(dust-proof,water-proof,anti-carrion).The air conditioner built in the cabin make comfortable for
    drivers and easy to install and dismantle.
    Driving cabin environment is constant temperature and humidity,protect the electric parts life time.
    PLC is Simens and whole electric part authorized by ABB.Electric part zero maintenance in 5 years.
    Intelligent control and self-monitoring system include multiple function of Anti over-shooting,Anti slip hook ,Anti shaking,Anti
    snagging when hoist,Anti trolley slipping etc.

    10ton tower crane
    potain crane cabin

    Three operating mechanisms technologies maintain the most advanced level in the country.

    Three mechanisms as hoisting,rotating and amplitude changing can realize frequency conversion;
    extremely stable in starting and braking,small in shock;
    Able to operate in a low speed for a long time,accurate in positioning

    tower crane 03
    tower crane slewing motor

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